The Baobab Learning Center was established in 2016. The program is dedicated to bringing positive change, care, and development to local communities in rural Mali by providing rural children with better primary and secondary education and their parents with literacy and skills training for employment.

Our Mission

Building a Brighter Future for Underprivileged Children

  • Children who live in rural areas in the poorest countries of the world often have little access to education. The children of Mali are no exception. Our goal is to create an environment that will ensure the success of the children in school, empower them in their lives and prepare them to be good people for their communities, good citizens of their country, and good stewards of the planet

  • Children (boys and girls) and women are the center of our program. We consider education and training as the keys to change and reaching sustainable development in rural areas   

Empowering Women


  • Empowering women through income generation via entrepreneurship  and shea butter processing

  • Training on community organizing and business management skills

Enabling Youth to earn income


  • Skills training and civic education

The Baobab Learning Center was awarded a second grant from LUSH Charity Pot to enhance rural Malian's women's ability to process shea butter and grains and increase their incomes.

Over three years, 100 women will be learning new techniques for processing nuts and grains, building small scale community business skills and community solidarity. Additionally, two new shea processing facilities  are built to modernize shea nut processing.

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