Current Impact

  • Today, 28  children are living on the center. They receive all the benefits of the center including  tutoring , health services , civic education and life skills training , along with practical activities and sports.

  • 35 teenagers received bikes to help lessen their  commuting time by half . They receive tutoring and civic education training.

  • In partnership with public schools, the BLC provides  tutoring services to 90 children over the past three  years to improve their academic performance .


  • The BLC is supporting another group of 87 teenagers (47 girls and 40 boys ) from the entire geographic zone attending Tominian high school and the vocational training by providing school. They receive materials,  hygiène products  and food and along with civic education and life skills training. 


  • Modern shea butter production training has been given to 60 women  as well as complementary entrepreneurship and doing business skills. These women are working on 2 facilities built and equipped by the BLC. 


  • A workshop for women about the negative consequences of girls early marriage was organized.

    Also discussed were women’s rights and the problem of domestic violence.

  • The BLC promotes participative development in the community. One result was the innovation and repair of the public school infrastructure (desks, chairs, windows and doors). Volunteer teenagers helped with the repairs.


Parents accompany their children to receive an incentive from BLC during a ceremony . They held as patriots in order to promote volunteerism in the community 


Student are happy to share 2/2 their desk instead of 4-5 pet desk 

Teachers have new desks and chair


Women at workshop