Urgent Project to Reduce the Impact of COVID-19 in Mali

The Baobab Learning Center helps people avoid contracting the COVID-19 virus in the Tominian area of Mali (250,000 people) and we will expand the work to the adjacent San area with another 250,000 people. We plan to work with development agencies and the national government in Bamako, the capital to support efforts throughout Mali.


BLC has the greatest impact as we many people before the major wave of the COVID-19 virus reaches rural Mali. The virus was first diagnosed in Mali on March 25. As of May 18, there were 874 reported cases and 52 reported deaths. That is early on a steep curve in a country of over 20 million people. Your contribution of any size through the donate button on this website is welcome to support and accelerate this work.















A tailor making BLC masks with fabric and filter

Wearing the mask is mandatory at the Center. We supply masks for the community, at a price half that of the local pharmacy for a small profit to generate income for the Center

Women working on shea nuts

BLC has trained 60 women in shea butter production. They now wear masks to protect each other.

Hand washing station with soap & water at entrance to Baobab Learning Center

Demonstrating the Public Hand

Washing Station in the Market

Six Water Stations to be distributed to 6 villages

during the campaign

Adults & youth sharing information with the public and officials (wearing BLC masks)

Adults & youth sharing information with the public

and officials (wearing BLC masks)

BLC staff, volunteers and students, participate in a workshop on the virus sponsored by the BLC.

Young volunteers in “Solidarity against Covid-19

” T shirts. These trained volunteers set up tables at the markets and go door to door with information

Trained Youth Volunteers Explaining COVID-19 Prevention on Market Day on one day the BLC team spoke with 318 people from 30 villages including some from neighboring Burkina Faso

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