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About Us

Building a Brighter Future

About Us

Building a Brighter Future


Baobab Learning Center is a Diaspora initiated program dedicated to bringing positive change, care, and development to local communities in rural Mali.

Our Vision 


We believe that individuals and communities in our targeted rural areas should live with dignity and security. We seek to empower them so that they can become the driving force in overcoming poverty by improving education for their children and promoting entrepreneurship training for young adults and women.

Our Mission


Building a Brighter Future for Underprivileged Children


Children who live in rural areas in the poorest countries of the world often have little access to education.  The children of Mali are no exception.  Our goal is to create an environment that will ensure the success of the children in school, empower them in their lives and prepare them to be good people for their communities, good citizens of their country, and good stewards of the planet.

Our Principles


We cultivate tolerance in diversity to make the learning experience and change process valuable for beneficiaries by providing lasting solutions to their challenges and needs. We align our programs with the country's social and economic development plans and other agencies working towards similar ends. Our work includes: 


  • Partnerships with local authorities and other development agencies in the field

  • Promoting education and empowerment, especially for girls and women

  • Promoting grass roots community development and sustainable results  

  • Promoting responsibility, voluntarism, and accountability

For the next 5 years our program will focus on


  • Entrepreneurship training for young adult and women 

  • Adult literacy 

  • Hygiene and health

  • Skills training using state of the art technologies to help generate family income


Who We Are


  • We are a publicly supported charity with IRS 501(c)(3) recognition (EIN 81-3708632)

  • Most of our funding comes from helpful individuals and organizations

  • We are an organization managed by a small volunteer Board of Directors

  • We are experienced, knowledgeable, and have a proven track-record

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