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Empowering Women


Baobab Learning Center teaches women skills to improve their communities, household management, professional prospects, and confidence.

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Our contributions to Malian women include

  • ​Teaching cooking, childcare, hygiene, and food storage

  • Coaching women on community organization skills in rural areas

  • ​Providing compensation to women contributing to BLC by providing food, condiments, and wood for cooking

  • Teaching business management skills, techniques for modern shea nut processing, and grain milling

  • Educating women about conservation of shea trees, a key for environmental preservation and ensuring future income generation through shea butter production

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Our Accomplishments
BLC has built two shea butter and grain processing facilities where over 100 women have learned to process nuts they gather into shea butter. BLC operates a shea butter cooperative, where we provide the training, facilities, and marketing, and women help BLC process shea nuts to earn money for the operation of the facilities.

In 2020, BLC launched outdoor meetings for groups of women from the town of Tominian and surrounding villages to boost community spirit and collaboration, provide useful information and to support individual confidence and initiative to help improve the lives of rural women.


“I really liked the training from the BLC program because it taught me how to develop a business. This training helps women to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit among us." - Dasso Diassana, Resident in Tominian

“We thank BLC for giving new techniques to make shea butter. We traditionally made it by hand but now we use BLC’s machine. Our butter is better quality and odorless. The heart of this training allows to realize our goals. We also learned how to get business credit at the bank.”  - Yani Diarra, member of the BLC shea butter cooperative

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