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Supporting Young Adults

BLC provides teens and young adults with opportunities to serve their community by providing work and volunteer opportunities, connecting them with meaningful internships and by providing bicycles to help them attend high school far from their villages. We hold summer camps and year-round outdoor events designed to engage youth in community service and skills training.

Young Adults repairing desks 1.jpg

Young Adults at BLC
Youth are often included as volunteers on essential BLC projects. They are rewarded with stipends and public recognition. In-house BLC projects involving local youth include:

  • Building and repairing desks, chairs, shutters, and doors in the school

  • Assisting in the prevention of Covid-19 by installing hand washing stations, distributing masks, and handing out flyers in town markets

  • Delivering 2,000 donated books from the bus terminal to the Center and schools

  • Volunteering at the local hospital

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Vocational Training Committees
In 2021, BLC expanded support to young adults who are subject to predatory recruitment by terrorists. After the Malian army repelled attacks near our Center, we held a summit where educators, health practitioners, and other leaders coached vulnerable young adults. The work is ongoing through eight committees formed by BLC to support young adults gain and maintain access to vocational training and internships:

  1. Health and Wellness and Covid-19 Prevention

  2. Environmental Protection and Preservation

  3. Employment and Job Search

  4. Education of Children

  5. Promotion of Culture, Tourism, and Sport

  6. Democracy, Good Governance, and Conflict Resolution

  7. Human Rights Advocacy

  8. Entrepreneurship and Finance


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