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Our Impact

Year One: Be staffed, equipped ,and function as an operational center- most of the basic needs are met – tables, beds, kitchen materials, a small library, TV, CD player and CDs, sports equipment and a garden. Sixteen children are served at the Baobab Learning Center.

Year Five by the Numbers:

  • 2 shea butter mills operating

  • 4 villages receiving solar power

  • 8 vocational training committees launching young adults into a brighter future

  • 35 bicycles gifted to teens and young adults

  • 65 students at the BLC (30 in residences, 35 in day programs)

  • 90 children received tutoring services

  • 100 women knowledgable in how to gather and process shea nuts

  • 2,000 book donations secured

  • Countless women and young people given education, training, and access to resources

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