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Our Impact at Five Years


Baobab Learning Center for Children

Through tutoring, good food, health care, and a positive learning environment, BLC has supported children to rise to the top of their classes in the local public schools. Since 2016, the Center has grown from 16 students to 65 students - 30 in residences and 35 in day programs.

Partnerships With Public Schools

Ninety children have received tutoring services since 2018.

Young adults participating with BLC renovated three schools by fixing, painting, and installing broken doors and windows. Young adults also undertook a desk repair and build project, resulting in classrooms having two students at each desk, rather than four or five.  BLC also built ten desks and chairs for teachers, many of whom were working without furniture.


BLC coordinated 2,000 book donations for public education.

BLC provided bicycles to 35 teenagers so they can commute to high school, tutoring, and civic education training.


Empowering Women

BLC built two mills for shea nuts and grain and trained 100 women to gather shea nuts and produce high quality shea butter. Members of the shea butter cooperative also learn about entrepreneurship, access to micro-financing, and personal financial management.

Workshops have been organized to educate women on the negative consequences of early marriage of girls, and other events focused on women’s rights and domestic violence.

Mother’s lives are being transformed and their attitudes are changing as they learn modern methods to prepare food, ensure hygiene, and care for their children.

Community and Environmental Support

BLC installed solar lights in our facility and in four surrounding villages.

BLC staff has organized public meetings in the villages to empower villagers to organize themselves to advocate for their needs for education, access to water, agricultural needs, and more. They are learning what representation means, and raising their awareness of a range of issues.

Young people and mothers have learned how to cultivate large gardens. Children at the Center also learned gardening, and positive eating and health practices.

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