Staff Members




Khalil Ndiaye is a 26 young African leader committed to the socio-economic transformation of Africa. he is currently General Manager, in charge of the Innovation and Solution department of a Law and Consulting firm in Mali.

Khalil is very engaged in social activities and has had to set up various projects in that field. He is currently volunteering as Baobab Learning Center National coordinator, a place where we provide access to education, accommodation to children coming from conflict zones or disadvantaged areas as well as empowering women by providing skills training, organizational capacity and seeking best markets’ opportunity for their products.

Khalil holds an MSc in Project management, a Bachelors in Business Administration and has completed a business and entrepreneurship certificate via the Young African Leadership Initiative through a high level residential program In Kenya. 

“During my visit to BLC, I was animated by an indescribable feeling. I was amazed by the hope that I could read in the eyes of these children. I was amazed by the impact the center had on them. many of them did not ask to be in this situation, but they found themselves there. BLC does a remarkable job.  The center provides them with access to education in decent conditions, an academic follow-up and a civic program shaped for the emerging leaders they are. Since that day I have given my faithful commitment to make these children the future leaders of tomorrow”

– Khalil NDIAYE 




Fousseyni Tounkara is currently the local coordinator of Baobab Learning center. He is responsible for local business development and logistics management at the center.

Fousseyni is passionate about serving communities. From a young age he always likes to serve his neighbor, manage and solve issues in order to bring solutions to community’s needs and challenges. He was once a local campaign director of a presidential candidate in 2018.

Fousseyni Tounkara is the kind of person who always wonders what he can bring to his community, and not what the community can bring to him. 

He is a great communicator and speaks several local languages that make him very aware about cultural insights impact on doing socio- economic development activities in order to achieve sustainable development.


Mr Tounkara graduated from a regional nursing school, received 3 months of youth and children  sponsorship  training  - and community development with the NGO : Action Contre la Faim , Mali.




Aboubakar TRAORE is the current academic director of Baobab learning center. He plays a leading role in the animation of children in BLC. Through his experience he brings them academic and civic support in their learning phase.

Mr. Traore holds a Master's degree in private law option judicial career.

Aboubakar is passionate about teaching and strongly believes that future generations of leaders will emerge from the center.




Ms Madeleine Thera is currently supervising and monitoring food acquisitions and supplies and the personnel of the kitchen (2 cooks). She makes sure that BLC gets good deals in the market for food supplies. She provides excellent care to the children, is loving and is a very good listener to children needs as well as to the staff. She is commonly called Maman Mado. 

She coordinates BLC women group’s association (30 women ) ‘activities with the president of that group. She also assists the Local Coordinator in carry on BLC’s vision and objectives - to promote best practice of management at the Business Center- and to create healthy and inspiring learning and a convivial environment for children at BLC.