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Mariama Thera

Executive Director

Mariama graduated from the National School of Administration, Bamako Mali (ENA: Ecole Nationale d’Administration du Mali) with a Masters in Economic Science. She also did post graduate work in International Development at American University. Mariama has 13 years of consulting and program management experience in International Development in Africa, working with the Institute of Research on Public Health in Bamako Mali, the African Development Bank (ADB) in the Department of Women in Development (WID), UNICEF, and UNHCR in Ivory Coast.

Since 2000, Mariama has been living in the USA and is currently working as a French Language and Cultural Insight Instructor, Curriculum Developer and French Language Tester with the US Defense Military and Intelligence, US Diplomats and US Agency for International Development.

Mariama is a self-studied scholar of comparative religions. She is the co-founder and the CEO of Baobab Learning Center, a Diaspora initiative program for children’s education and community‘s empowerment in the South of Mali.

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