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David Berry

Chairman of the Board

David Berry co-founded and runs the Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable, a federal advisory committee subgroup, where government agencies, corporations, universities and NGO’s work on sustainability of water resources including available supply, quality, infrastructure and habitat. 

In addition to being on the board of the Baobab Learning Center, he is on the steering committee of the Balaton Group, a forum for Sustainability and Systems thinking and on the board of the Initiative for Equality.

While at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, he chaired Groups on Sustainable Development and Industrial Ecology. The groups raised awareness of environmental, social, and economic trends, and encouraged creative action by organizations and individuals. He has spoken and undertaken projects in Europe, Asia, and Africa. He leads workshops and retreats in the US, Mexico, Canada, and gave talks in Russia to a range of groups including the Academy of Science. He is a member of the Balaton Group, a global network on systems and sustainability.

David was President of the Dharma Centre of Canada, one of the oldest meditation centres in North America. He continues to support and teach at that centre and others. In the 1970s and 80s, he performed on Korean and American television and radio including on National Public Radio’s "The Prairie Home Companion.”

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